These are the recommended charters that we work with. They are all run by knowledgable & professional captains that will offer you the best fishing experience available.

South Shore Smalmouth Charters
Spring Walleye on the Detroit River (Ontario)
Bass on Lake St Clair & Detroit River (Ontario)
(519) 919-7260
Fins N Grins Musky Charters
Spring Walleye & Bass on the Detroit River/Lake St Clair (Michigan)
Muskie on Lake St Clair (Michigan)

(586) 350-0934
Medicine Man Charters
Muskie, Walleye, Perch & Bass on the Detroit River/Lake St Clair (Michigan)
(586) 350-0934
 Scaled Up Sport Fishing
Charters on the Detroit River, Lake St Clair, St Clair River, Lake Erie & Lake Michigan/Frankfort. (Michigan)
(586) 214-6293
 Bear Bones Fishing Charter
Charters on the St Clair River & Long Point Bay
(226) 580-8043
 River Life Fishing Guide Adventures
Guided fishing trips on the St Clair River & Lake Huron
River Life Fishing Guide Adventures
(519) 330-2992
 School's Out Fishing Charters
Guided fishing trips on the St Clair River, Lake Huron & Lake Erie
School's Out Fishing Charters
(519) 636-7180
 Mayhem Fishing Co.
Guided fishing trips on Lake Erie & Detroit River
Mayhem Fishing Co.
(226) 8810-1968
 Fish Fighter Charters
Guided fishing trips on Lake St Clair, Detroit River & St Clair River
Fish Fighter Charters
(586) 231-4621


These are the tournaments and organizations that we are partnered with.

Ontario Kayak Bass Trail
 Ontario Kayak Bass Trail is a tournament series for kayak bass anglers in Ontario. Organized and run by anglers for anglers, the trail events will be located throughout Ontario and feature online registration and scoring systems. - OKBT
Lake Simcoe JUMBO Throwdown
 The Lake Simcoe JUMBO Throwdown is a virtual on-line live release ice fishing tournament. - Lake Simcoe JUMBO Throwdown
Lake Simcoe Whitefish Throwdown
 The Lake Simcoe Whitefish Showdown is a virtual Whitefish tournament held on Lake Simcoe Sat Feb 3rd - Sun Feb 11th. - Lake Simcoe Whitefish Showdown
The Ultimate Walleye Derby
Lake St Clair Vexus Open
Lake St Clair Vexus Open